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Wrapped up in haze and flow of bridal gown, They tell your lover he must hold a gun.

Poison in a Pretty Pill

You're the pornographic reassurance he's a man, They deal with flesh, incarcerate with rags, Red lips, shimmer-silk and body-bags, Hairless legs against the blistered napalms burn. I want to rape the substance of your downy hair, In that mist a gutted child fights for air.

Poison In A Pretty Pill Lyrics by Crass

Against the fragile, mashed and sweaty wound Your facile beauty has an outrageous sound, Like a glamour billboard on a battlefield. At least the blood-red poppy was of nature will, That flower perfecting by the barbed wire fence Must be insulted by your scented poor pretence Just as I, who finds it hard to touch you now, You traumatise my love with needle doubts, I want so gently to remove your mask.

It's hard enough to find water here In this barrenness of dishonesty and fear Without you accepting poison in a pretty pill. Your bondages of silky robes and lace Are the bandages on a bullet punctured corpses, The layers of precious imitation worn Are the layers of history to suffocate the unborn. And the compound finasteride was first used in the drug Proscar, made by Merck, to treat swollen prostates, but was later approved to treat baldness under the name Propecia when patients reported they noticed hair changes after taking the drug.

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Some people taking finasteride have reported some fairly horrific side effects , in some cases long-term. In all of these cases, the second application was found after the drug was on the market for a while.

It could improve or even save lives. The more data, the better.

A Pretty Pill

While drug discovery does involve a lot of research and development, it also involves serendipity and spotting unusual details. This same kind of luck and vigilance could uncover new uses for existing treatments. Skip to navigation Skip to content. The little blue pill may not have ever been if not for one dutiful nurse.

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