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Such a dream can also represent the loss of a quality in someone else; for example, someone close to you may have taken away emotional, physical or financial support from you. This act has created a negative influence and void in your life. Dreaming about people or family members who have passed is sometimes a way of keeping a connection to them or reliving the impact they had made on your life.

Depending on the relationship you had with the person, it can be a loving or anxiety provoking dream or one representing unfinished business. All in all, death dreams represent various aspects and times of your life that you want to change or have difficulty looking at.

What Dreams Will Die With You

Death dreams about those individuals who have made a negative effect on your life most likely represent the emotional scars you were left with. Recurring dreams about those individuals which some people refer to as haunting dreams may be your inward desire to have changed the outcome.

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Do not dwell on the negative connotations of death dreams. Use the knowledge you gain from them to focus on your own inner growth.

Will You Die For Your Dreams?

The best thing to take away from these types of dreams is that they possibly can help you to foster a stronger connection with your deceased loved ones. To find out more about dreams and their meanings, visit the Dreaming Room. Click Here. Join our FB Fan page!

What Do Dreams About Death Mean? Can You Die In Your Dreams? 9 Morbid Questions, Answered

Facebook Twitter Youtube. A common superstition or myth exists that if you die in your dream, you will not wake up to tell about it. This is not the case, at least in most circumstances. If you do experience death and dying dreams and are fortunate enough to wake up, remember it or tell someone about it.

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The following are some possible interpretations of such types of dreams. Death dreams, in general, can either represent positive or negative events that may be taking place in your life.

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Often, they indicate a desire you may have to end or escape a current situation that is causing undo stress. This dream may entail an individual other than yourself dying.


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