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Her trauma in searching for an identity in a place where she does not wholly belong is the core of her works. This paper intends to study the questions of maintaining or altering identity, language and culture while living in an alien land. A comparative study based on the difference in the attitudes of the first-generation immigrants and the second-generation immigrants will also be analysed.

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And also how all these affect the choice of themes, subject matter and its complexity. The article will attempt to answer whether the geographical and cultural locations free the immigrants from inherited value structures. The Unaccustomed Earth centres on the relationship between a father, his daughter Ruma and her son Akash. Lahiri attempts to define the notion of belongingness among the second generation immigrants.

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All these stories present transgenerational relationships within the US diasporic families of Bengali descent. The characters are never able to free themselves completely from the cultural entanglement that has been passed on to them by their parents and society. All the characters in the stories have similar experience and they all share this identity crisis issue.

Ruma is tied to the cultural norms because of the way she is brought up. She finds herself different from her own brother and believes that it is her responsibility to take care of her father. Both were dependent on the parents initially, but the relationship is strained during their youth and later on they begin to understand and respect their parents.

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The characters are navigating between the strict traditions that they have inherited and the culture of their new home which they must encounter daily. Being a married woman Aparna is well aware of her limits and she never tries to break free from her family ties.

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The attitudes of the first- generation immigrants are definitely different from that of the second-generation immigrants. The second generation immigrants are seen more American than their parents.

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Referred as ABCDs, that is, American Born Confused Desis, they too have to face their share of challenges just like all the immigrants who live in a foreign land. A sense of isolation haunts her even when she is bold enough to make her own choices. Thus Ruma and Usha presents how they struggle to develop an identity of their own, which is an amalgamation of both cultures.

On the other hand, the problem for the children of immigrants- those with strong ties to their country of origin- is that they feel neither one thing nor the other. There are multiple points of view used in the story The Unaccustomed Earth and so the thought process of both Ruma and her father is explicitly presented. It also recounts the unique mother- daughter relationship that slowly develops through the narrative. Thus the cultural constraints are always going to exist in the lives of the immigrants even if they are not willing to acknowledge it.

Written in a narrative, "man of letters" style and complete with an annotated bibliography, a timeline, a who's who, and an extensive glossary of Jewish, Christian, and mythological terms, this user-friendly book will help readers understand how heaven and hell have been depicted for the last 3, years.

Hebrew and Greek Visions of the Underworld. The First Great Epic Descent.

Plato and the Geography of the Underworld. Roman Visions of the Afterlife.

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The Shape of Dantes Universe. The illusion of inequality, the illusion of class, the illusion of merit and entitlement, the illusion of injustice as just — these fictions constitute the kingdom of this age and all things outside the realm of God. Those who live within a fictional paradigm of reality will find them selves miserable and disconnected at the realization of the Reign of God.

Those who allow God to retell and rewrite their story, and to take heed to the story God is telling, will find them selves more fully integrated with reality at this manifestation at the end of the age. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.

Jesus — the God who took on flesh and suffered, who drank the cup of the victim, who befriended the outcast, the unclean, and the Other. The God who stood alongside the victim at a time of oppression, who condemned the Roman Empire and the kingdoms of this world, who overturned tables of economic oppression occupying the Gentile court, who called for justice and compassion and love, and was brutally murdered for it.

This Jesus was vindicated at the resurrection, and will vindicate humanity. This God is Lord over the creation.

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All will see the glory of this reality of love at its coming, and all will be saved. A society where the least are the greatest and the greatest are the least.

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