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It also improves complexion and renders a glow to the skin 4.

Sunken Eyes – Causes And Remedies

Take half a teaspoon of olive oil and massage this under your eyes before going to sleep at night. The benefits of using olive oil topically and in food are known to all. Its high antioxidant content makes it a wonderful remedy to treat sunken eyes 5. It contains oleuropein, which protects the skin and slows down the aging process 6.

How To Get Rid Of Sunken Eyes In Five Easy Steps

Rich in omega fatty acids, fish oil is an excellent remedy if you have sunken eyes or dark circles that are beginning to form. These fatty acids maintain optimum health of the skin layers, are anti-inflammatory, and promote healing of the damaged cells 7. Almond oil is extremely gentle on the skin.


It not only nourishes the skin but also improves the complexion and skin tone because of its emollient and sclerosant properties. It also plays a role in reducing scarring, which means that it possesses skin renewal properties 8.

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The intake of vitamin K helps to lighten the under-eye area. This vitamin improves blood flow to the area, thus helping to lighten the darkened skin 9.

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Foods such as broccoli, spinach, cabbage, carrots, and strawberries are rich in vitamin K and should be included in your daily diet. Other beneficial foods to treat sunken eyes include tomatoes, berries, potatoes, plums, and beans. The essential fatty acids present in avocado oil thicken and nourish the under-eye skin.

source link This oil enhances the collagen production and wound healing processes of the body Thus, the under-eye skin area will become supple, healthy, and glowing. Potato refreshes the tired and dull skin around the eye. It also prevents skin aging and makes the skin glow by hydrating it Vaseline will hydrate the skin and keep it healthy. I looked back at his car, a sporty black mustang, virtually crushed in the front on impact with my SUV. He screamed obscenities, that I paid no heed to. I was more concerned with reviewing the photographs. I returned home with the camera and pictures in hand.

I reviewed all the following photographs, in them all, nothing, but this image of the altar. Why did I feel a need to photograph it? Why was it calling me? Was this what I had felt? I studied it, looking at its haunting visage for hours in my house. Midnight had passed by the time I attributed it to mere film error. Cameras often create film errors and distort photographs. This was all explainable. I walked into the kitchen to fix some wine. I poured my glass and drank.

I turned back to the photos, which had disappeared off the table. Panic arose. Someone is in my house. I quietly stepped to the dining room, looking for the photos. I needed to dismiss the panic. I'm just overthinking. Nobody could move that quickly to get rid of the photographs. I was right here. I should call the police. Instead, I took the wine and camera to my room, and prepared the shower.

Walking into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror for the moment before washing my hands and face in the sink. Before finishing, and wiping my eyes, I looked back into the mirror and I saw the visage of the hollow-eyed spook staring behind me. His hands encircling mine. His mouth bleeding and dripping, melting slowly like candle wax as it moved closer to my head and shoulders. I shook with violence and ran into my bedroom, and there on the bed, were the photos, spread out in a pile. I turned my head to cover the room at a degree angle, making sure nobody was there.

I was dreaming. I was hallucinating. The chardonnay. It was aged too old. It was only a Only eleven years old. I ran out of the room, and stepped on my couch, laying down and spending the whole night there, wide awake. I must've fallen asleep at some point, because I awoke with the photographs sitting on my coffee table, along with the camera. I was drunk. It was all a dream.

I fixed the wine, and set the photographs down, I watched television, and fell asleep. The rest was a dream. I knew it was. I went to my bedroom to groom myself and get dressed. I showered with my shower gels and shampoo.

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I slicked back my black hair, combing it, I shaved, and applied deoderant. I dressed in a shirt and sportcoat, but no tie. I put on my Klein, silken pants, and stepped into my black shoes. I was out the door, with photos and camera. Driving down the road, I saw a homeless man, bearded, grey-haired, in a dusty jacket. His card read, "The Godhead spilled his guts to birth humanity His holy ghost haunts us I paid no attention to this. Rantings of a mad man, they were.

I parked outside the building and walked into the office, presenting my photography to my fellow journalists and editors.