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She has to work tomorrow. Kellie went upstairs to be with the guys and Maria. Maria and the guys had just gone….

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It's been 2 months that Joe, Larry, Pete and Bob rented rooms. Husband Tim, Wife Anne and their love partner Maria have been great hosts in their home. The guys notified Tim, Anne and Maria they were being transferred to…. Today I would like to share a awsome experience which happened a couple of months ago.

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It was 31st december a day before a new year, when rita pinged me in hangouts after reading my sex story and It was…. It's the 's. Tim and Anne were dating in high school. Anne was so cute and beautiful. The boys also pursued her. She would meet the boys over in a ditch by the railroad tracks acrossed from the school at….

So there I was laying back on this glass coffee table, a pillow stuffed under my ass to lift it up. Gabriele attached the shackle on my right wrist to the a chain, then the left. He moved to my….

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As i finished checking myself over one last time, I walked down the stairs to the front door. The two men stood staring at me, one my husband who I loved dearly. The other who I would become is slut…. It's a new week in NYC.

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The day is Wednesday. She agreed and more cards were played. She lost another hand, so I moved closer to her to collect my prize. Since my brother had a winning hand too, I asked if he wanted to feel how hard her nipples were too.

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There was no hesitation as he reached over the table and started playing with her trembling peaks. The next hand she lost again, the stakes were a little higher this time, and I told her that I got to suck on a nipple this time. My brother and I both chose a breast and started sucking her hard nipples into our mouths, squeezing her firm breast as we worked her nipples with our tongues. Her back arched up so her nipples would meet our awaiting mouths as she let out a sigh of excitement.

I decided we had finished playing cards for the night and I was curious how far we could take this. I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh all the way to her smooth lips to see how receptive she might be. I could not believe what I felt; my fingers were sliding on a steamy hot, dripping pussy. I had never felt her this wet and hot until now. I noticed my brother was more than happy taking care of her tits, rubbing them, squeezing them and sucking on both nipples making sure to spent equal amounts of time on each. So I decided I needed to get a real good taste of her extreme arousal.

I went down and started to gently kiss her inner thighs moving up towards her hips and circling her pussy, making sure not to get there too fast.

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Her hips arched up signaling to me that she had enough waiting and she wanted some attention down there. I continued lightly kissing her body and slowly made my way to her lips, finally getting a taste of her sweet juices. I stated licking her clit slowly, then I picked up the pace and started licking it faster taking turns sucking on it, driving her crazy. I started to push my tongue in and out of her hole tasting every bit of her while I gave her clit short little breaks.

She was enjoying all the attention her body was getting and I knew her senses must have been working over time. I was also getting more excited watching her enjoy another man eating her pussy. In the midst of me playing with her nipples, she grabbed me and drew me in and started to suck on my cock. I was feeling a little exposed and aroused at the same time. I was topless in front of five men. The next hand came down to me and Jerry. I had a straight flush and was feeling very confident when Jerry suggested that we up the ante.

Rather than playing for chips, we play for a sexual favor.

The winner picked what it would be. Looking at my cards again, I agreed. I was already planning what I was going to ask for, when Jerry laid down his royal flush.

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I looked at him with shock, anticipating what he might ask for. He told me that his request had two parts. The first part was that I would give him a blow job. I thought I had gotten off easy until he told me that all the guys would be watching. I was both scared and aroused. Jerry reminded me that a bet is a bet and he had won. Dressed in only my panties, I got on my knees in front of Jerry. He was already hard and waiting.

As I took him into my mouth the guys lined up behind me to watch. They had a perfect view of my ass up in the air as I pulled Jerry deeper into my mouth. His cock grew larger and harder in my mouth and I could tell he was on the verge. He told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. A few seconds later, he shot his load down my throat. I continued to suck him and milked every drop from him.

I was hoping the guys would soon leave so that Jerry and I could move the bedroom and continue. Jerry then reminded me that his request had two parts. When he told me the second part of his request, I looked at him with shock. I never expected him to say he wanted me to suck the cock of every guy there. Shock mixed with lust when Jerry told me to turn around. I saw that every guy had stripped and had been jerking off while watching me blow Jerry.

I saw the variety of sizes and shapes and cocks and felt fire down in my pussy. I had five men who wanted me and were ready. Any opportunity that I have to get a stranger to touch me just drives me crazy. Knowing what might happen at the show got me turned on, and I kept pressing him for details of the event. He was opening a motorcycle shop and hosting a big party with lots of his biker friends. He wanted me to do a private show for some of his special customers, and had set up a special room in the back of the shop.

We agreed on terms and conditions, and I marked the date on my calendar. We sealed the deal with a wonderful evening of sex and alcohol, and I was even beginning to have feelings for my new biker friend, Dave.

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I packed several outfits in my bag, and drove over to the shop. Dave let me in, and we shared a deep kiss. He checked out my outfits and approved. We had some fun taking some sexy photos on the bikes. Before we were finished, some of the guys who were invited to the party started showing up. When they walked in, I was topless, leaning back on one of the bikes, legs spread wide apart, with just a tiny scrap of a bikini bottom covering my crotch. Apparently I was the surprise entertainment for the afternoon, and they just stood and stared. I loved it! So I kept the bikini bottoms on — even so, those last few shots were great.

I changed my outfit for the opening. Dave and I agreed I should wear my leather bra top with the nipples open, black thigh-high leather boots, and a pair of tiny leather shorts — so short and tight, my butt cheeks peeked out in the back. I had a great time talking to the guests, all men, and serving them beers. Occasionally someone would pinch my nipples or slap my bottom, and of course, this just made me hot and wet. A few of the guys posed with me for pictures. For these, I removed my top, so they could cover my tits with their hands. Cute pictures.

As the time for the show approached, I went into the back room and got my outfits together. I was planning a regular strip show, which would wind up totally nude. Of course, I would also offer lap dances, to anyone who was bold enough.