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Table of contents. As long as our mind still shines is active Interpretation of the utterances in such a state would always be difficult and diversities of interpretation would be unavoidable. Still, with a fixed content, such as the Christian religion gave, and with the aid of gestures, etc. It is to be noted, however, that Paul apparently does not feel that the gift of interpretation is much to be relied on, for otherwise he would have appraised the utility of tongues more highly than he does.

But the popularity of tongues in Corinth is easily understood. Indeed, the occurrence of the phenomenon in a neo-convert was irrefragable proof that the conversion was approved by God Ac So in Mr Moreover, for the more selfish, the gift was very showy 1Co The account in Ac 2 differs from that of 1Co 14 in making the tongues foreign languages, although the ability to use such languages is not said to have become a permanent apostolic endowment. Nor is it said that the speech of Ac 2: When the descent of the Spirit occurred, those who were assembled together were seized with ecstasy and uttered praises to God.

A crowd gathered and various persons recognized words and phrases in their own tongues; nothing more than this is said. That the occasion was one where a miracle would have had unusual evidential value is evident, and those who see a pure miracle in the account have ample justification for their position. But no more than a providential control of natural forces need be postulated, for similar phenomena are abundantly evidenced in the history of religious experience.

At times of intense emotional stress the memory acquires abnormal power, and persons may repeat words and even long passages in a foreign language, although they may have heard them only once. These, in part, the apostles and the "brethren" simply reproduced. Incomprehensible words and phrases may well have been included also Ac 2: It is urged, to be sure, that this interpretation contradicts the account in 1Co But it does so only on the assumption that the tongues were always uniform in their manifestation and appraisement everywhere--and the statement of this assumption is its own refutation.

If this view is correct…

If the modern history of ecstatic utterances has any bearing on the Apostolic age, the speaking in foreign languages could not have been limited only to Pentecost. That, however, it was as common as the speaking in new "languages" would be altogether unlikely. But both varieties Luke may well have known in his own experience.


Tongues are a divine gift, the exercise is not to be forbidden Indeed, to those who treat them simply with scorn they become a "sign" that hardening is taking place Yet a love of them because they are showy is simply childish The only gift that is utterly indispensable is love 1Co 13 , and without it tongues are mere noise The public evidential value of tongues, on which perhaps the Corinthians were inclined to lay stress, Paul rates very low Indeed, when exercised in public they tend to promote only the self-glorification of the speaker But the ideal place for their exercise is in private: The applicability of all this to modern conditions needs no commentary.

Ultra-emotionalistic outbreaks still cause the formation of eccentric sects among us, and every evangelist knows well-meaning but slightly weak individuals who make themselves a nuisance.

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On the other hand, a purely intellectual and ethical religion is rather a dreary thing. A man who has never allowed his religious emotions to carry him away may well be in a high state of grace--but he has missed something, and something of very great value. Plumptre in DB is still useful. Of the commentaries on 1 Corinthians those of Heinrici latest edition, , Lietzmann and J. For the Greek material, see Gunkel, Die Wirkungen des heiligen Geistes , 2nd reprint in , was epoch-making.

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This Happy Gift of Tongues

More like this Tongue. BT Library Class transcriptions Books. Search the web Google safe search BiblicalTraining library. You must enable JavaScript to view the search results. I just give to myself. After all, if I am happy, then this benefits everyone, as I will be more kind to them.

I need to focus a bit more on the gift of interpretation in relation to this private prayer language idea. Just in case someone exercises their private prayer language in a public setting a general no-no , God has provided those with the gift of interpretation. Not only would this be a superfluous gift, but I am afraid that whoever possess this gift in the body of Christ will find their body part dead due to a lack of oxygen so long as tongues is exercised properly. However, if the gift was meant to be more than a private prayer language, such as speaking in another known language or, better, prophecy, then the gift of interpretation makes more sense.

How does one legitimize the gift if it is an unintelligible private prayer language? Epistemic verification is very important to me. Because if the gift of tongues is not a known language or prophecy, every time it is expressed it is not falsifiable. I would not even know how to evaluate its legitimacy if it came out of my mouth! Did I get tongue-tied? Am I having a stroke? Am I speaking out of my head? Is it a cave to emotional pressure? Granted, when push comes to shove, if it is merely a private prayer language, I suppose it is not my job to know whether it is a legitimate expression.

It is between the person and God. The gift of tongues is quite possibly the most bizarre of all the gifts of the Spirit. I want to lean in the direction that tongues is the ability to speak in a known language, which is unknown to the speaker, only because that seems to make the most sense out of it, gives it a communal purpose, and is falsifiable. However, I am not sure I can go there due to the difficulties I have already discussed. I find that all the options have benefits and drawbacks. At this point, it is a matter of choosing the option that has the least difficulties. If you ask me where I stand today, I would say that the unintelligible, spoken, private prayer language that can occasionally be understood as other languages option in spite of all its problems, seems best.

I know that what I have said here does not speak directly to the issue of whether the gift of tongues continued or ceased, but it does help. If tongues is merely a private prayer language with no prophetic element to it at all, I am going to have little reason to argue that it ceased. As bizarre as it still may be, that is no reason to reject it.

If such were the case, to me it would become more like an inarticulate expression of spiritual emotion, not unlike laughter or crying. Maybe it is something you cannot help although, if that is the case, it would seem that everyone should get the gift. He has been in ministry for nearly twenty years as a pastor, author, speaker, and blogger. But, most importantly, husband to a beautiful wife and father to four awesome children. Michael is available for speaking engagements.

I like the way you made your charts and explained each option. It has been so long since I did that. You listed the reasons you believe tongues are a private prayer language. Many of my friends pray in tongues. Paul does mention praying in tongues, but I think in the whole context, prophecy is greater as it edifies the body, and tongues edifies oneself. Spiritual gifts are always given for edification of the body. I personally have no problem with someone who wants to go into their prayer closet and pray in tongues.

That is their prerogative. But when Paul clearly states the purpose of tongues in 1 Cor ,21, I must reject the idea of praying in tongues. I often hear it in churches, and it is totally out of line with the guidelines Paul gives. As I said before, if someone wants to pray in tongues, I am not going to stop them. But I do not believe that was ever the purpose of tongues.

The Gift Of Tongues - Andy Croft

I have spoken in tongues since i was age 7, i do it very rarely now in fact it has probably been close to a year since i have. Growing up i too was surrounded with tongues speech, it was a given in the church i grew up in that if you are going to pray you better pray in tongues.

"Speaking In Tongues" – Why We Shouldn't! - Chess Forums -

As i grew older though i found that it was very difficult for me to pray in just plain ole english, and this bothered me, i felt like i had nothing to say but i could prattle on in tongues all day long. So i began intentionally praying in justvregular intelligble english. Sometimes i would even in my best effort not begin speaking in tongues. I have said all of this to make a point. Sometime i think people like to speak in tongues or emphasize tongues because it is easier to jibber jabber than to take time to say something with aritculatiin and intent in your words.

Thats why i started praying in english again cuz i felt like if iwanted to prayvfor someone how can that person take comfort in my prayer or say amen when all i do is jibber jabber. I am a credentialed Assemblies of God minister. We do not consider speaking in tongues in any way, shape, or form connected to or evidence of salvation. There are denominations that do i.

As Romans 8 says, if any one does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ. Humility guards every passage of grace. It is humbling to come to the end of our intellects ability to perceive the unknown. It is much more humbling to realize that we enjoy access to these mysteries and, indeed, more intimate communion with Christ through such an unintelligent anti-intelligent?

An interesting book was written nearly 50 years ago. The book sold millions of copies. It tracks the odyssey of authors and journalists John and Elizabeth Sherrill as they explored the subject. Two characters featured prominently in the book are Harald Bredesen and David du Plessis.

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In fact, in only a few weeks I will be traveling to Massachusetts to conduct an interview with the Sherrills. I hope to reduce the many hours of interview into a 90 minute long documentary which explores the phenomenon. I hope to recover its essence in this documentary.