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Furthermore, Mike's handsome half-brother, Lone Wolf Larson, who now owns the family farm, stirs feelings in Rosalynn that both excite and confuse her. When Rosalynn and Lone Wolf must marry to obtain custody of the children, Rosalynn assumes it will be a loveless marriage. After all, she believes that no man could love a divorced woman, and experience has taught her her that men are not to be trusted.

Lone Wolf, persecuted for his Lakota Sioux heritage, also has trust issues, yet he secretly feels that Rosalynn is his destiny. Will Rosalynn and Lone Wolf put aside their fears and learn to embrace love, hope and forgiveness?

And will their faith see them through seemingly insurmountable trials? Summary from back of book - Image from amazon. We usually learn from experience, so 2 or 3 books makes a big difference in how well a book is written. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with this book, Under a Lakota Moon.

The author told a sweet story of patience, courage and love; and how they can help heal a person who has suffered from abuse or bigotry. Come on, do people really talk like that? Basically, though, it was a good story told in a very uncomplicated way. Her Rating: 3. Under a Lakota Moon definitely follows the standard romance format. There were few surprises. Regardless, I was entertained.

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I still found myself interested in the storyline, wanting to know exactly how events would unfold, despite the occasional syrupy endearment or preachy moment. There was lots of talk of putting up jams and harvesting crops to feed my insane desire to live back then. I will most reluctantly confess that my heart did indeed beat faster at some of the more, erm, descriptive parts.

If I were a proper lady I would have fanned my face and perhaps swooned. This was a fun, clean, one-time, romantic read. Her rating : 3. Mud filled its feet and claws and the cracks between its upper and lower shells. Singing, the Creating Power shaped the mud in his hands and spread it on the water, where it was just big enough for himself and the crow.

He then shook two long eagle wing feathers over the mud until earth spread wide and varied, overcoming the waters. Feeling sadness for the dry land, the Creating Power cried tears that became oceans, streams, and lakes. He named the new land Turtle Continent in honor of the turtle who provided the mud from which it was formed. The Creating Power then took many animals and birds from his great pipe bag and spread them across the Earth.

From red, white, black, and yellow earth, he made men and women.

The Creating Power gave the people his sacred pipe and told them to live by it. He warned them about the fate of the people who came before them.

He promised all would be well if all living things learned to live in harmony. But the world would be destroyed again if they made it bad and ugly. One of several Lakota Sioux creation stories.

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